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Reviews for John Muir Chiropractic Center

What Our Patients Say

testimonialsAt John Muir Chiropractic Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Dr. Gazdar is Excellent

I have pretty severe neck pain and limited range of motion, which I’ve had for a few years now. I was always skeptical about chiropractic care. Some of my friends love it. After trying many other treatments, including acupuncture, physical therapy and a spinal injection, I decided to go for it.

I have 6 treatments scheduled. After the very first visit, I can tell that my range of motion has improved. I’m thrilled and very hopeful that this is finally going to relieve my pain. Dr. Gazdar is excellent. He explains everything in detail, answers any questions I have and is very gentle. Thank you!

- Sharon R.

Excellent Chiropractor

Always a pleasure to get “put back together”! Excellent chiropractor who always knows how to fix my back.

- J. Gagin

Dr. Gazdar is simply the best!

What can I say, Dr. Gazdar is simply the best! He truly cares about his patients and provides professional, quality care. It’s obvious why the World Champion SF Giants use him.

- R. Gregson

Highly Recommend

Dr. Gazdar is extremely thorough. Asks questions and listens. One of the few doctors that will place a follow up phone call to the patient. I highly recommend his services.

- C. Kafka

Cannot speak more highly of Dr. Gazdar and his staff!

Been a patient for 20 years now. I had moved out of state a few years back and had to see someone else. I got by, but it wasn’t the same.

A few years back, I had a second auto accident. As this whiplash was worst than my first one 20 years earlier, I had to see a local chiropractor in Marin for treatment. Though, he (and others) are only 5 mins away, which would save me gas, bridge toll and a lot of time—the 45 minute drive is well worth it!

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I’ve been to 4 – 5 chiropractors over the years, and he is the only one I am comfortable with—especially when it comes to adjusting my neck! As after 2 car accidents and 2 good bouts of whiplash, have a good amount of deterioration in my neck, so I’ve been told.

Am no longer comfortable having any ol’ person adjust it. I have near walked out of one local chiro’s office, ’cause the guy just scared me in so many ways and was so ill at ease, while Dr. Gazdar adjusts my neck with ease. He’s simply the best and cannot speak more highly of him and his staff!

- J. Brochier

My Back Felt Better Immediately

Dr. Gazdar did a great job fixing my back and getting me out of pain!!! They were able to get me on their schedule on a short notice, even right before the holidays. The diagnostics before treatment were thorough and Dr. Gazdar explained everything well.

The adjustments did not hurt at all and my back felt better immediately! I will go back for more treatment to get my neck posture improved, which might prevent further problems.

- I. Erdell

I Could Not Recommend Him More

I’ve been visiting Dr Gazdar for chiropractic care since 1993. I’ve always received great care during my visits and I feel his work has been instrumental in keeping my back properly aligned. I could not recommend him more.

- D. Harrison

Don’t put up with pain any longer! Call Dr. Gazdar ASAP!

I have been a patient of Dr. Gazdar for over 10 years. I initially came to see him because I was experiencing migraine headaches. Dr. Gazdar painlessly alleviated the headaches in no time at all.

To my surprise, I discovered the adjustments I was receiving also improved my mood, energy level, breathing, and other assorted aches and pains throughout my body. Dr. Gazdar is not only a fantastic chiropractor, but a very decent human being.

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He takes a genuine interest in his patients, their overall health and well being. He is also a dedicated father of 3 boys.

I have referred family and friends to Dr. Gazdar and they all reported to me their high satisfaction with the care they were given. Don’t put up with pain any longer! Call Dr. Gazdar ASAP!

- H. Read

I highly recommend him!

Dr. Gazdar did a great job when he adjusted my neck and back. He has invited me back, should I have any problems with his tx or if more is needed. I highly recommend him!

- P. Jean

I am doing well thanks to Dr. Gazdar’s care.

I have been a patient of Dr. Gazdar’s for many years. Having desk jobs for my entire working career, the treatments I receive have helped me with any lower back and shoulder discomforts. I am doing well thanks to Dr. Gazdar’s care.

- H. Carter


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